Spicy Noodle Challenge!!불닭볶음면 도전!

Hello lovelies,

I heard so much about this spicy noodles and as a lover of spicy foods, i am always up for a challenge. Naturally it being fierily spicy and Korean is a bonus. I see so many people tearing so i had high expectations

Left being the 액상스트(Liquid Soup) and Right being the 후레이크( Flakes?)

Cooking noodles like what the instructions indicate ( which are a bit difficult for those who cant read Hangul because its all in Korean) They say 6minutes but i feel it is still to hard so i cook it longer

Add the liquid soup and fry it for 30seconds more. I would like to add that if you added alot of liquid, take some out leaving abit to enjoy it slightly dry( but not overly)

Add the flakes before serving

This was delicious as opposed to being spicy. I could taste a bit of the chicken flavouring but even my friends who are not good in eating spicy food could finish the bowl without any need for water.The noodles are a bit thicker than the usual ones so that's a plus point for me. I am surprised that i can even treat this as an normal meal..../disappointment However we decided to try it the Youtube way where they do not dilute the flavourings at all

Version 2( Where i call this the Youtube way)

With this way the noodles actually lose the savoury chicken taste and it tastes extremely sweet until u hit the 5th mouth of it when it begins to hit. It is spicy finally, but no tears shedded again.

I even eat this ( the recommended way) for lunch ahhaha but no stomach aches or diarrhea

Rating:2.5/5 ( for failing to make me or my friends cry)

Where to get them: NTUC Finest Outlets 


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