Review on Hallmark Crown Hotel(Melaka) 2014!~

Hello guys~!!

My previous post touched on the food in Melaka so let me review the hotel that we stayed in for a night.
 Note that all comparisons will be against a hotel that we stayed in the previous time for a similar time, Formosa Garden Hotel.
Firstly the hotel was a bit hard to find as it was on the GPS, not sure if our GPS is old or ...:/ But we got directions from the shopping mall and it was relatively easy to find. Around 2 mins from Mahkota Parade, go in the direction of Hotel Equatorial, and when Hotel Equatorial is on your left, take note and keep right. Go straight all the way and when you see a church on the left, you know you are near.
See this sign and turn into the hotel's carpark. Tadahhh:)

The lobby.Check in was smooth and staff was friendly.

 Super cool feature on the door. Touchscreen too! Impressed:)

 Room was bigger and better furnished than we expected for the rates we paid and compared to Formosa Garden which was shabby, to be honest.

too excited to see the TV~!

 they even have a tub but sadly it only has cold water urgh==
 standing shower was rather big and featured a rain shower or you could use the shower spray which emitted flashing colorful light while you bath... Interesting. However the water was very hot and it only got hotter or hotter. However weirdly, when i was bathing it was perfectly warm and it only became a sauna during other time when it was not me who took a bath......
 toilet with a bidet....

Overall, we were very impressed with the hotel as we were quite scared to find another hotel like Formosa Garden. But this felt like a true hotel instead. Worth the price!
However during our visit, there was a guest who played very loud prayer music at night and it was very irritating but i guess there was nothing we could do..
Breakfast is a simple affair of either toast with ham,lettuce and tomato or fried rice or noodles and sausages or wedges... Pretty simple
They also had porridge and mushroom soup. The breakfast was quite delicious especially the noodles in my opinion.:>

Rating :4.5/5
Address:170 Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia 

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