Trip to Melaka 2014 + Food To Try!! +Bukit Indah Food

hello guys:>

I just went over to our neighboring state Malaysia for an weekend getaway and here's my review on food that we tried there!

Firstly after all the mess at the checkpoint( We reached the checkpoints at 730 and it was ... well... crowded to the max!)

Mahkota Parade's Food Court Cendol

Okay after that long drive we headed straight to Mahkota Parade and tried their chendol which i read was not bad. It is located at the 2nd floor of Mahkota Parade at the food court which is right in front of the escalators. Their cendol exceeded my expectations and was a great thirst quencher after the long ride. The green things in the cendol were fragrant compared to the tasteless ones that we have in Singapore. The green things in the cendol is the best that i ever tried! The coconut in the cendol was creamy and thick and the gula melaka was fragrant. If you wanted to find a thirst quencher in Mahkota Parade, skip the Gong Cha, go for this.. ahhah or you could do both.( Personally I am a huge Gong Cha fan so you know how good is this cendol).Generally speaking, it is awesome but stay tuned for my review of Makko Nyonya Restaurant's version of cendol.
Rating: 4/5
Address: 2 Floor Stall 3 of the Food Court of Mahkota Parade
G8, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Nadeje Crepe Cakes 

I read so many reviews on this crepe cake and decided to try it out. Well the queue was 

Okay this is around 1pm and the queue was just not my thing. We decided to takeaway and jaaaan we cut the entire queue and got our cakes in less than 5minutes flat. We decided to try it next door at KFC which was very empty~..We got two slices -Royal Milk Tea and Green Tea

My verdict on these crepes cakes is that they are on the same quality as the ones you can find at First Love Patisserie Singapore but they are available in much more flavors. Plus, the prices at Nadeje are about the same price as First Love so that didn't really make me want to go back for more. But if you want dessert at shopping at Mahkota Parade then yup go ahead!~

Address:-23 & 25, Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000, Melaka, Melaka, 75000, Malaysia
Head out from the Main Entrance of the Mall, facing the outside of the Mall, turn left where you see MacDonald and KFC and walk all the way in. Chances are, there's a long queue for you to identify it
They operate from 11 to 10pm and staff told us that queues start forming at 1045.

Restaurant Nyonya Makko 

I am sure that this restaurant is so famous that if you have combed through websites recommending restaurants in Melaka. I went to this restaurant about 2 years back and I would like to say that the standards have not dropped at all.
We reached at 5.59 because they open at 6pm and tadahhhh this is what we saw
Tip: go early~!
We couldn't remember what we liked back then so we asked the waitress to recommend. 
 Koropok that is crispy and delicious and you can buy them afterwards:>
Some ice lemon tea -nothing special
 This is cincalok egg. The consistency is good but in my opinion , doesn't leave a strong impression
Ayam Buah Keluak you MUST try this!!!! The sauce is thick and savory and the chicken pieces fall off the bones easily. Delicious and easily the best ayam buah keluak i ever tried!!!
 Four Angles Vegetables with Belachan. Also good and hard to find anywhere else. Crunchy and spicy but not overpowering worth a try!
Otah - Delicious and fragrant. Pretty sure it is homemade and the pieces of otah just melts into your mouth. Not too spicy, just perfectly spiced like how all the food at this restaurant is
 Ngoh Hiong- It tastes just like how my mum makes hers during Chinese New Year. Worth a try.
 Sambal Sotong With Petai Beans- Totally worth a try, Not easy to perfect the petai beans but this is awesome, the petai beans are healthy and do not overpower the sambal sotong which is chewy and spicy. *drooling
 Assam Fish- Fresh fish but i prefer if the sauce would be more tangy( just being a little picky....)
 Hee Pio Soup - Average as the hee pio had the oily smell but the soup was edible. Not memorable though.

 Cendol- This Cendol is the BOMB. Their gula melaka is easily the best i ever tried in my life and the coconut is creamy and yet not over cloying. Every spoonful results into you wanting  more.
 Their sago is equally sinful as their cendol and is also worth a go!!

 Of course the 3 hour drive is gonna be worth if only if we eat more cendol.. so we brought back some more...:>

Our receipt... Yes we bought alot of kerepok back:)
Verdict:5/5 A definite must try when you go to Malacca and want authentic Nyonya Food!!
Address:123, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
+60 6-284 0737
Opp this DongDaeMun BBQ( we spotted Koreans eating at Makko too!)

Lastly, at Bukit Indah,
I wanna introduce to you

Ding Seng Restaurant

They serve frog porridge and other side dishes and the food here is to die for~!!!
 Claypot Frog ( they have spicy and non spicy versions.. In my opinion, the spicy ones are always better:))
 Claypot Crayfish- This is TO DIE FOR. This only comes as a spicy option but the meat of the fish just falls off the bones and melts in your mouth. Mouth watering. Yumm. Must try!
 Vegetables- Average but to balance the saltiness
 This is just plain porridge but they do offer frog porridge too.
Steamed Egg- To me was pretty average but not bad.

Verdict:4.5/5 My favorite is the crayfish!!
Address:14, Jalan Indah 15/3, Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru
To get there i suggest parking your car at the Bukit Indah carpark while you leave your shopping bags in the car and walk over. It is very convieninet. At the zebra crossing facing Blackball, cross the road and on the left is BlackBall. Go down the lane and turn right at the first turn. You will see House of Noodles(面对面),review about them next time they are awesome too! and just beside it is 鼎盛砂煲田鸡王 Ding Seng Fresh Frog Porridge!

Okay that's all for now:> I hope you found my review helpful and i will back with more travelling and food~
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