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{2015} Review of Snaffles's Catchcake Ice Cream!

hello lovelies,

I realized i may have met with writer's block or something but i have somewhat turned lazy so i was motivated to write this as i am currently craving for ice cream!

The ice cream was super smooth and soft. Its even softer than the one at Ikea~ And it has this very distinct milky flavour..And the cake goes well with the ice cream. But i have to say this ice cream is worth its value... Its the ice cream that steals the show definitely

Tanjong Pagar International Plaza #02-85A, Singapore


{miika's beauty world} 4D Facial Cleansing Brush from Qoo10!

hello lovelies,

Today i am going to review 4D Facial Cleansing Brush that i purchased on Qoo10. Have been wanting to get a Clarisonic Brush forever but the price tag is what is deterring me from getting it. When i tested this when i visited Malaysia, i was surprised on how effective it was and how smooth it felt on my skin. Therefore when it was on sale on Qoo10, i jumped at the chance.

 I use this on a daily basis and my face is super clean after using this brush. Especially now when its the haze season and i am working and am exposed to like 5 hours of the haze and my skin is super dry and dirty when i get home i use the brush before putting on a mask.The particles are giving me a very bad breakout on my forehead but the pimples are going away rather quickly so its good.

A good buy that's value for money. My cousin mentioned that the clarisonic cleanser does break you out for the first few weeks but i don't have any problems with this brush.

You can purchase it on Qoo10 like…

{2015}Cheap $2.50 Supper in SG~!!

hello lovelies,

Today i wanna recommend this place to check out to have a filling and affordable meal in SG if you are hungry in the middle of the night.
They operate from 2pm to around 12am(if they do not sell out but trust me even at 9pm, they are still busy despite the other stalls closing up or already closed hence the dark lighting lol)

Both are good and it all depends on whether you wanna have rice or noodles.Have been eating this since i was a kid since i stayed nearby when i was young.

Address:#01-23 Pek Kio Food Centre
Tong Siew Fried Rice