{miika's beauty world} 4D Facial Cleansing Brush from Qoo10!

hello lovelies,

Today i am going to review 4D Facial Cleansing Brush that i purchased on Qoo10. Have been wanting to get a Clarisonic Brush forever but the price tag is what is deterring me from getting it. When i tested this when i visited Malaysia, i was surprised on how effective it was and how smooth it felt on my skin. Therefore when it was on sale on Qoo10, i jumped at the chance.

I bought spare brushes so i could replace them.

Free with the purchase!

Batteries included.

 I use this on a daily basis and my face is super clean after using this brush. Especially now when its the haze season and i am working and am exposed to like 5 hours of the haze and my skin is super dry and dirty when i get home i use the brush before putting on a mask.The particles are giving me a very bad breakout on my forehead but the pimples are going away rather quickly so its good.

A good buy that's value for money. My cousin mentioned that the clarisonic cleanser does break you out for the first few weeks but i don't have any problems with this brush.

You can purchase it on Qoo10 like i did when they hold sale events! There are many sellers and you can make your own decision!



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