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{2015} Review of Bornga @ City Square!

hello lovelies,
Today I am going to review Bornga which i tried for the first time at city square when i visited Malaysia~~ I was told that the prices there are much cheaper than what we have here so whats to lose right?

{2015} Cheap Eats at KSL City! [Khonest Fried Chicken + Dong Ying Taiwanese Snacks]

hello lovelies,

Today i will be blogging about some cheap eats that i went to snack on at KSL before we had lunch! We normally don't eat snacks but they were too tempting!

 Crepe2U  -    Lot L2 - S7 KSL City Mall

 Opening Hours: 11am onwards
Located: opp the supermarket... behind Each A Cup!

Do try them out!
xxx, missmiika~!

{2015}Review of Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa !~

hello lovelies,

I know this is a repost cos i had to write this all of again(horrors) cos i was fiddling around with the coding and i could recover it ( DANG!)

The rooms are spacious and clean and has anything that i could ask for. With a secret shower behind the door! LOL

 Overall my favourite space to stay in Desaru and a 45min drive to Kota Tinggi waterfalls!
They have parking fees now and they have a RM5 charge for kids and RM10 for adults. Okay if you just wanna soak under water but dont expect much.

Rating: 4/5