{2015} Review of Froth Cafe !

hey lovelies,

it has been so long since i wrote my last post. I was on hiatus as i had exams ahhah i have been itching to write for so long and i have a lot of posts to post so do look out for them! This is Froth which one of my friends have been frequenting and my family was curious about them so we went to check them out ~!

Interior:) we were seated right below the spotlights so i apologise for the photo quality


Mushroom with truffle, This was good but i thought the portion was quite little. Special dish though with the cheese and abit of mushroom soup?

Doritos Crust Wings. This was surprisingly good and slightly spicy. It has Doritos crushed up(which provided a sweet and salty crust) and seasoned with herbs . It has also the slight spice and i think the use of doritos with the slight sting of the spice made it special and memorable.It is not very spicy though so do check it out even if you cant take spicy food!


Tom Yum Seafood Risotto. This was fresh and the risotto was not too heavy as the ones that i tried at other places. Maybe due to the lack of cream, this was not over cloying and was rather light on the palate. The tom yum spice was not too spicy and was fragrant.

Lobster sandwich with fries. The sandwich was great with the lobster tasting fresh. The fries were not bad( i normally skip the fries but these were really good. They were more on the wedges side though. However i felt this was on the pricey side though  but you could share it with another person.

Yam waffles with Earl Grey Ice Cream. The waffles were thick and not the fluffy type. It was filled with yam on the inside too. It felt abit like the traditional yam dessert ( orh nee). The earl grey ice cream was the star of the show though. I like Earl Grey( my favourite Gongcha flavour is Earl Grey eheh) and this ice cream was so fragrant and matched so well with the waffles. The flavour was so special and intense but still left a light scent of the tea!

Overall it was a nice cafe experience and i may return(?). They have great promotions during the weekdays though.

Address:200 Middle Road B1-02 Big Hotel Singapore 188980
Telephone: 6336 1228
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm

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