{2015} Cheap Eats at KSL City! [Khonest Fried Chicken + Dong Ying Taiwanese Snacks]

hello lovelies,

Today i will be blogging about some cheap eats that i went to snack on at KSL before we had lunch! We normally don't eat snacks but they were too tempting!

Crepe2U! that we had after we went for a haircut! Pretty good and much cheaper than what we have in SG!

 Crepe2U  -    Lot L2 - S7 KSL City Mall

The squid was super tender,juicy and chewy. It was not hard to bite off. As we were the first customers, no struggle of the recycled oil smell( labour day had the whole lvl 1 smelling of recycled oil). You can choose the flavour you want and i believed we chose the salt pepper~

When i visited JB on Labour Day, queues for this were crazy and i was wondering what was the big hype about this?? I usually avoid fried food but my mum bought it when i was buying contacts( Acuvue Moist) that was like 40% than normal prices in SG. Its really good and a few days ago, my mum mentioned that she was craving this... as i am typing this... i totally agree... salivating.....

 Opening Hours: 11am onwards
Located: opp the supermarket... behind Each A Cup!
Khonest Korean Chicken which was located beside Dong Ying

Fried chicken ( spicy flavour) We chose Jumbo which consists of wings and chunks. It even has ddeok( rice cake) so it felt abit like ddeokbokki, It was delicious and worth trying. The chicken was fried till perfection!! Until a few hours later when we arrived at Desaru, it was still crispy!~

Do try them out!


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