{2015} Gmarket Buying Experience from Singapore!

hello lovelies,

I recently bought something from Gmarket( despite being a Qoo10 fan) because i found a hair tonic that i have been constantly using listed on Gmarket for $10 lesser than what i usually pay in shops. I have to thank the shops for letting it be out of stock to let me find this gem.

Its pretty easy to set up a Gmarket account. After selecting your home country and shipping destination( do note that not all items can be shipped worldwide).  They also have the price in your home currency beside the price in Korean won. After adding into the cart, keep a lookout for discount coupons. Do a Google search for it and i found a 50% shipping off for 1st time buy!! YAY do try the different coupons and find the one that gives you the most discounts. They have two shipping methods SF Express and EMS( with SF being the cheaper one). Also they count by weight so do try to hit the 1kg mark to make your purchase even more worthy. I did it by SF and their delivery was fast and efficient! They show you where your item is and they even drop a  text informing you your delivery has arrived( despite being one day later lol)
After delivery you can choose to write a review like Qoo10 and opt for Gmarket Stamp or Gpoints( which i chose Gpoints as you can choose to use it to set off your next payment!) This whole concept wont be foreign to you if you use Qoo10 regularly.


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