{2015} Review of Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mian @ MacPherson Rd + Awesome Banana Prata

hello lovelies,

Today i am back with a food review!
 Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mian @ MacPherson Rd which i remember made headlines maybe a year ago but i didn't feel the need to queue for something( i still don't unless it is super good) Besides when there are like snaking queues, the food does not seem to up to par at all , maybe due to mass production?


Chilli sauce provided. The difference between the you mee chilli and the pan mee chilli is that the you mee chilli has oil while the pan mee chilli has no oil at all.
Pan Mee's
You Mee's
Order Chit you fill by yourself and proceed to pay for at the cashier.

Interior, not much people.

Pan Mee Soup ( Original) It was pretty good and my mum loved it as the soup was quite delicious. Noodles were nothing special.

Fish ball soup. The fish balls were huge and did not have a lot of flour in them. I didn't really enjoy them as i like a bite in my fish ball, at the very least. The soup had this soybean-fishy taste and i think it was MSG cos i thought i was extra thirsty after that.

Dry You Mee

Dry Pan Mee. This was not bad with vinegar however not spicy AT ALL. Even with the addition of the chilli( don't bother with the pan mee one cos its so dry), it is not spicy at all,another disappointment to me. However this was still pretty good but i prefer the dry meehoonkuay at Tampines 1 Food Court( which is the franchise famous one at Geylang)Prices are more expensive there but it is totally worth it.

Overall verdict: Nothing special,doubt i would return back .. but for the prata house next door, yes yes yes....
Address:538 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368220
Rating: 3/5
We went for Tissue next door cos the curry smelled so dang good!!! It didnt disappoint it was crispy and sweet. Wished there was condensed milk though.UGRH so good, makes me recall about the times we went around the island to find good Tissue.

Banana Prata which is the specialty of the restaurant. It was so good with the bananas melting inside. Reminds me of the one i had in Bangkok, review here

Rating: 4/5
urgh so good!!!


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