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{2015}Review of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam + Food to Try Nearby!

hello loveliesss
i have been away so long due to some family stuff but i am back! I just came back from Bangkok so i will be posting adventures and things i did....

The timeline:)

DAY1- Arrival + BBQ PLAZA @ Central World
DAY2- Morning Market outside Indra Regent + MBk + siam Square + Big C  Supercentre
DAY3- Morning Market outside Indra Regent + Platinum Mall
DAY4 - Erawan Shrine + Chatuchak Market + Leave

so lets start from the hotel:)

The Berkeley Hotel Platinum( my 2016 update here)

 Start with breakfast:) the hotel is really high class and nice:) food was okay. however tends to be overcrowded and food runs out pretty quickly. They try to refill as soon as possible but yeah... stilll..

their grilled cheese sandwich had a weird oil aftertaste and the desserts are really good though. Other than that on the second day they didn't have noodles and only had rice which was :/ for me. Their noodle soup cant be compared to the one opposite the hotel. also their bale fruit drink was rea…


Hi lovelies,

I'm back with Part 5 of my Graduation Trip series. I know its late but i just wanted to finish it up :)
The previous part with Busan- Fukuoka is here! Our flight was at 5.55pm and we flew with Air Busan BX 144, flight time was around 1 hour!. Service was fine and fuss free! The locals preferred taking the ferry to the Fukuoka as there was no need to check in 2 hours early? We paid around $150 for both ways which i personally thought was a good deal! Luggage limit was 30kg. There are many timings for this flight route and we chose the latest one considering our Japan Airbnb check in time and the fact we wanted to explore more of Busan in the morning!

{2018} Review of Malacca Estadia Boutique Hotel !

Hi lovelies,

It has been too long since my last post. I know I have yet to post the remainder of my Japan trip but I will get to it as soon as possible:)

I visited Malacca after a year and decided to do a blog review of this hotel I stayed in :)

Malacca Estadia Boutique Hotel 

Graduation Budget Trip 2017 {17 days of Korea + Japan } ❤️ Part 4 Gwangju - Busan

Hi lovelies,

I'm back with Part 4 of my Graduation Trip series

This part is continued from this post~

Continuing from the train ride from Gwangju to Bujeon station~, we took around 2 hours to reach central Busan.We asked the Airbnb host for the best way to get to Busan and she said it was much more convenient doing it this way as KTX stations tend to be far away from city centers!

Our Airbnb. Our host was so nice! He drove us from Gaya Metro Station to his house which is just a 10min walk away. He was super nice. Hes a super host on Airbnb. We were so lucky to find his place.Orignally we thought his family lived in this house together with the guests but he said his own house was another nearby apartment. Something you might wanna consider when booking AirBnb is that whether the host ,especially males are living together.( For my mum's peace of mind actually) For us , being 2 young girls, we read the reviews carefully and if any review said it was unsafe / dark at night we av…