{2015}-UPDATED- Review of The Bark Cafe~!!


Say hi to a new year 2015 wow!! Okay to start off the year i want to review the cafe that i had dinner in on the last day of 2014~!^^

OKay, we arrived at Changi Chapel and the cafe was located at the side of the chapel.Relatively easy to find and the cafe is half outdoors and even indoors, it is not air conditioned so if the weather turns bad, it may be a bit uncomfortable. We sat outdoors and even at a early hour at 6pm there were rather many people and many others streamed in gradually, many also had reservations too so it is always better to call them ahead of time~!
 Menu:> detailed pictures of the menu would be at the back:)
 Sambal Nasi Goreng:) this is a must try if you like fried rice! The achar is on point here too!

Crayfish Concasse Spaghetti
The crayfish was cooked to perfection and not tough. It had a nice crisp to it too. The tomato sauce also had chunks of tomato in it and that was nice touch,

 The gorgeous Casear Salad which didnt taste too bad. Rather light~!!
pretty awesome mocktail but i forgot the name... the waiter recommended this. all i remember that it had pineapple juice and coconut cream,..:)-this is called Greenery-

 This mocktail is called East of Eden( east of something i cant really remember) but its awesome. Its tangy and sour and hits all the right notes.

Atlantic Cod Fish..  Something to try out if you like fish!
 Escargots. Creamy and cheesy, it seemed abit cheesy and it is quite heavy.
 Chicken wings.. OMG These chicken wings were crispy and juicy on the inside. Definitely the best on my list for the best fried chicken!! A definite must try!

Menu pictures:>

Overall the portions were rather big and worth its value. A gem in the East, wondering why i didn't try it out earlier, considering i stay around 5mins distance from The Bark Cafe~!! Will definitely return~

I went back and ordered a few more new dishes. However, i went later and the restaurant was rather dark:(low quality pictures so i wont post!)
The food was really good so~~ We ordered the Fried Banana salad and it was rather special:) The goreng pisang was crispy and melted on the inside.
The seafood fried rice was really good with the wok hei.. The portions are really huge also. Fish and chips was also good. You could totally share unless you are starving:) The desert we ordered was the Belgium waffle. Urgh pure delight. The waffle was warm and crispy with the cold ice cream(which was a rather huge scoop) :)  love love love~~!!!

Address:1000 Upper Changi Road North, 507707

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