{2015} Review of Beauty In A Pot美滋锅 @ ONEKM

Hello lovelies,

Today i am going to review Review of Beauty In A Pot美滋锅 @ ONEKM which was featured in today's Sunday Times!

I always love the Paradise Chain as i think they really pay attention to the little details and the food is good!


 epicly we wanted to eat but they said that the waiting time was 1 1/2 hours so we went to walk around to see other options and just as we wanted to walk into another restaurant they called us back and tadahhh we went in ahhah!
 Menu~ This post is gonna to contain the most amount of pics

 The air conditioning is very strong so if you are scared of the cold be sure to wear a jacket!

 Try their handmade stuff... esp the one with century egg!

 These too!

 Their sauces and rice which you need to take yourself. You pay a fee of $2 for these even though you don't want rice. But i recommend you to get the rice if you take the  spicy broth as the rice can soak up the spicy oil and make the items not that oily to eat!

 Actually i feel the sauces are kinda redundant as the broths are all very flavourful. Especially the spicy one! i chose the medium heat one as the guy said that the most spicy one would be spicier as you ate it. I felt that i picked the right one! The items were flavourful and spicy and yet easy to swallow and not fierily spicy that made it difficult to eat! definitely need to try if you eat spicy food!!!
 dual soups.... first u take a spoonful of the pure broth which is shark bone broth boiled for 9 hours!~the spicy one contains longan and ginseng also...and the waiter explains to you how they made it and how to eat but he was kind of listless....probably repeating it too much but better customer service would be better?

shown here is the milky broth which you add on your own. My dad comments that why don't they just  give it in a jar instead but i say its a nice touch ahhah!

alot of items the waitresses helped us to put it in so we didnt get a picture!

 they serve you complimentary yuzu to calm your stomach and for digestion! Nice touch! It is refillable upon request!
BTW: the toothpicks and tissues are in a drawer below the table!
Overall, i like this over the Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe  塚田農場 美人鍋 as this one has more variety of items like JPOT but the broth doesn't make me thirsty( MSG) so this is a definite thumbs up! And i am lover of spicy food so yes, this is what i would prefer! 
If you crave something spicy to eat i would recommend this! Also, they are open to 3am so it is also perfect for supper!

Rating: 4/5
Address: OneKM Mall, 11 Tanjong Katong Road 
               #02-21/22 S437157  
Phone:6702 2542 (i would recommend calling them ahead)
Operation Hours:Mondays to Sundays : 1100 - 0300

BTW I would like to know your opinions and any comments so please feel free to leave them down below! please please! leave some comments yes:)


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