{2015} Review of Warong Kim's Seafood @ Pasir Ris

Warong Kim's Seafood @ Pasir Ris

OKayyy here's a new post before i will post cos i will get busy from tomorrow.

I arrived at Warong Kim at around 630pm..
 Its located just at Pasir Ris Fishing Park but the ambiance is good. They even have a outer area, the ambiance there is even better!!!
 You place your orders at the cashier and pay for it and wait at your table. Kinda of self service but they serve the food.


 They had this promotion where Chilli Crab, Oyster Egg in Hotplate,Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Cereal Prawn for $69. Super worth it!! But we couldn't finish...
 Hokkien Mee was my favourite.. The bedok outlet of Warong is abit drier and thats non halal, personally i dont fancy the pork lard so makes no difference to me. This sides's hokkien mee is abit more wet and i like it to be more wet rather than dry.. So its a thumbs up!~~

 Ladyfinger with Sambal. All their dishes had wok hei and this made the ladyfingers  so fragrant!!
 Cereal Prawn. Very crisp and crunchy~!!

 Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce. Crunchy and tangy, perfect if you like fried fish.

 Hotplate Oyster Egg. The egg was so fluffy it was very fragrant and light too. Nice~

 Chilli crab tasted too sweet for my liking. Suitable for people who cant take spice.

Overall, their dishes are piping hot and served quickly. Great place to enjoy a weeknight dinner with the atmosphere!~

Address:94 Pasir Ris Central, 519637, Singapore( In Pasir Ris Fishing Pond)
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