GRADUATION BUDGET TRIP 2017 {17 DAYS OF KOREA + JAPAN } ❤️ PART 8- Kirishima Jingu - Mt Kirishima - Tenmonkan - Kagoshima Island

Hi lovelies,

This would be part 8 of the Graduation Trip series!. Part 7 is here!

 After leaving the gorge,we made it back to the terminal and caught the train heading to Kirishima Jingu Station. We booked the most expensive Airbnb($70/night) on our entire trip as it was close to the mountain we wanted to hike to on the next day. Our lodging turned out to be $50/day which worked out to $25 per pax.It turned out to be one of the best decisions we made in our lives

Nearby Stream, we took this the next day as we arrived at 8pm.

Small and lovely town.

Super scenic views

Inside the nice Airbnb

We slept on the futon.. It was a cold night and the owner kindly showed us how to use the heater (which used gas ) before we slept!

Alcohol we got from Beppu ahhaha It was so cheap compared to sg

Blossoms outside the house!!

We were so hungry when we reached the Airbnb and they recommended the town's bbq restaurant for dinner. We were afraid it would burst our budget but it was not the case! Menu! I had kurobuta as I don't take beef.

Kurobuta. It was run by an elderly couple and the shop was filled with customers and smoke. It was so special for us in the quiet town.

This was seriously the best Kurobuta i had in my life.Even when we talk and reminisce about this trip now, this restaurant never fails to make an appearance whenever we do so. The kurobuta was so fragrant and not as fatty with the burn bits making it so savoury and delightful.I'm drooling now as I write this. The grandma said to dip the meat into the sesame oil from the kimchi. It was seriously the best grilled meat I had in my life. Any other kurobuta just tasted like regular pork but this was on a different scale. Also,Fukuoka is famous for Kurobuta so if you head there, you should give it a try!


We sat in the private room!


Had to take a picture!!!

We woke up early for mountain hiking( or we planned on doing so) Another climax of our trip comes here.We were supposed to change two buses in order to hike up Mt Kirishima but the way our Airbnb host worded it was for us to wait for the second bus at the bus stop we alighted at. Naturally we missed the bus as the interval between the two buses were like 5mins and the bus was gone before we realized anything happening. So the crisis begun. We had to wait 2 hours more for the next bus to bring us up the mountains.So we decided lets walk up the hill instead. So cue us walking up this steep slope for 2hours and some elderly lady stopped her car and told us that it would be impossible for us to climb up as it was a dead end at the top./faints/ she drove us back to the bus stop and told us to wait for the bus. Resigned, we decided to wait for it then.

This was the first stop! I believe this was Lake Onami

We didnt have much photos as we were focused on climbing. Do remember to check the timings for the bus down as the last bus was at 1.20pm( if i remember correctly)

We had time for ice cream before the bus came! We boarded the bus down the mountain and we all fell asleep haha

Back in the town! We decide to stay alittle longer till 5pm where the BBQ restaurant opens for operation again cos we just couldn't get over it. We were the first customers waiting for them to open their doors and the grandma was shocked seeing us at the door haha! They definitely gave us more than the day before and the grandpa even gave my friend extra cuts of beef for her to try as they were asking her to try the meat with their special sauce but she like the flavour of meat itself! He brought it out on his knife and was super keen on seeing her reaction. I believe it was the most expensive cut of meat! We also met a Hongkong couple who were waiting to catch their train at 7pm who popped by for a quick dinner. Needless to say they were impressed with the meat and they ordered meat for meant for 4pax cos the quality was so good! Must visit!!!

We headed for Tenmonkan which was a short walk away from the subway and we stayed at A HOTEL FINALLY! haha, it was a nice change from staying in Airbnb!

A common sight if you go away on a long trip- Washing and repeated outfits. Tenmonkan was a lively are filled with restaurants,shops and bars. It seemed a tad sleazy in some areas but generally it was safe for us to walk around at night.

Budget for food was actually $20 daily so in Japan we relied alot on buying discounted bentos and food at night when discounts of 50% are common for breakfast! This bento was 200 yen! We were staying at a hotel so they did have a microwave for us to heat up our breakfast!

We took the ferry to Kagoshima Island.The one way ride takes 15 minute and costs 160 yen. The ferry terminal is a ten minute walk from JR Kagoshima Station I remember it to be a super cold and rainy day. However we were quite tight on our schedule and couldn't switch it out anyways

I dont have much photos of the island but it was quite island that was scenic and peaceful!  There is a island bus that brings you across the island according to a set timetable and its really funny cos every time there is a given time for you to explore that stop and everyone rushes down the bus to snap the picture and runs back to the bus in time for it to leave. Japanese buses are super punctual so if you are a minute will have to walk to the next destination.
This concludes Part 8 of my graduation trip series and please continue reading for more!


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