GRADUATION BUDGET TRIP 2017 {17 DAYS OF KOREA + JAPAN } ❤️ PART 7- Fukuoka - Beppu - Kisuki City - Hyotan Onsen -Takachiho Gorge

Hi guys,

This would be part 7 of the Graduation Trip series!. Part 6 is here!
We woke up early in the morning and left Fukuoka for Beppu! I remember being really early for the train ride as we had some travelling to do.
We used our JR Passes to book tickets in advance! If u miss or decide to change your bookings, its totally fine!Super flexible!

Luggage slots. I found this more common in Japan as compared to Korea.

Seats are generally very comfy and i remembered one high class cabin we got ourselves in. It was like a aircraft.

The one way journey by Sonic limited express train between Fukuoka's Hakata Station and Beppu takes two hours, costs around 5,500 yen and is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass and Kyushu Rail Pass. Some train rides( premium) are not covered but it was okay for us.

We went to Beppu and checked into our Airbnb and left our luggage there first. Luggages were a big problem for us as we were traveling with them constantly. Plum blossoms that were outside some random house near our Airbnb!

Great scenery, I remember this to be near the train station.


From there, we made our way to Kitsuki City, famous for pretty scenery and kimono wearing!
It was a pretty long walk from the station to the kimono place. The aunties at the kimono shop are super experienced and i let them match my kimono with the accompanying obis and stuff!

Out of the many hill streets, this Suya no Saka ("Hill of the Vinegar Shops") was considered to be the symbol of Kitsuki. Like the name suggests, in the past there were shops here that sold vinegar. With a picturesque view, it is well known as a great photo spot for visitors to Kitsuki and as a filming spot for historic dramas. - Quoted from!

We were so hungry cos we didn't have lunch due to all the traveling! Sakura flavoured ice cream were in season when we visited so we had many of it.

The kimonos were for a day's rent meaning you could wear them for however long you wanted! It was a pity as they closed at 5pm and we arrived around 2pm due to all the traveling. Oh well.

Okay im gonna stop here with the kimono spam!
 We headed next for Hyotan Onsen which was a 30minute walk from our lodging.It is the only Michelin three-star hot spring in Japan and while we were entering , a tour bus full of Korean tourists were just leaving. 

In the dark ahhaha I think it was 7pm?

We asked a Korean tourist to help us snap this

Head inside and there is a information counter with a vending machine for you to press the options that you need.We mentioned we wanted to have dinner and they said to head into the restaurant quickly as the restaurant was closing at 8(?). There is set meals with onsen entrance but required advanced booking! Do note this point if you plan on going!

Japanese style restaurant

I ordered the tempura udon!

It was really good!!

I loved this chilli powder, i bought 3 of it back to sg
Head onto their official website for more information
Facilities.It was a cozy and comfortable environment and i really wanted to try out the sandbath as Fukuoka is really famous for that! There were many locals that were there and it didn't feel too upscale or touristy despite its Michelin's stars. We walked back to our Airbnb which was 30min away which felt comfortable as we were still warm from the onsen. Needless to say, we sleep soundly that night as we were fatigued due to the traveling and onsen!

Bus Timings outside our Airbnb.Their buses are on the dot and once you miss it, you have to wait for one hour for the next one on average.

Airbnb! It was run by a Malaysian student living in Japan and one point i remembered was the hygiene level in the flat. I was pretty uncomfortable with the cleanliness and while I am not usually the type to point out cleanliness levels, it certainly did gain my concern here. I wonder how did she manage living at such a place?? Thank god we only stayed there for a night! We left the apartment at 8 in the morning the next day, not wanting to linger longer.Her apartment was also unlocked all the time, which was a bit worrying for me. It was in a small town in Oita, where neighbors kindly asked if we were okay when we in the lift lugging all that luggage.

Oh the 30% sticker...Got our breakfast from a mart while walking back from the onsen.

We took the train from Beppu station and headed for Takachiho train station ( Miyazaki I believe!) We left our baggage at the bus stop lockers and the staff at the lockers actually help you guard you luggage if its too huge for 500yen.We also purchased the one day bus pass in Miyazaki for 500 yen and we were so relieved cos one way bus fare (2 hr bus ride to the Takachiho Gorge) was somewhere near 2000yen.Everyone on the bus had some concession pass of sorts. Do ask the information counter for day passes for tourists as they tend to cover unlimited travel for tourists at affordable prices!

2hr bus ride...I really wished i had a car with me

They had the traditional Nagashi Somen (流し素麺) here!

It was pretty affordable but i have no idea why i had no pictures of the meal....? This is the end of the bamboo pole and the remnants in the blue baskets are given to you!
Catching the noodles! The waitress will tell you when shes dropping the noodles in! The remainder that does not end up in your bowl will be given back to you!
Embarrassing amount of noodles left uncaught hahah I believe this set was 800yen.Value for money and filling!

Walk to the main attraction today, Tachiko Gorge, absolutely gorgeous. It was rather steep and had alot of turns and bends so if you are not driving there, it was a 25min walk from the bus terminal.

Best activity was this!!

We waited for 40minutes to board the boat! 2000yen for 1hr if i recall correctly it was just enough time for you to reach the end and return.We were on a super tight schedule as the last bus for us to leave for our next destination was at 1.25pm! We left the gorge at 105? We sprinted to the bus terminal and I thought i was gonna pass out.We made it to the bus with 1 minute remaining. Had we not board the bus, we would have no way to get to our Airbnb.😓😓 One minute late, we would be screwed!

Spectacular views, especially upclose. It seemed to be a rather romantic activity and the oars are strictly for one person to row, they are locked down so you cant switch halfway
 Okay this will be all for Part 7!~



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