{2015} Review of Wan He Lou 萬合樓!

hello lovelies,

My last post was abit far back as i have started school again and hit a writer's block. I had no interest in writing this for awhile. However i would like to thank all of you who read my posts and the main reason i continue writing is because of all you. Do try to leave some comments though too! Its lonely writing a one sided dialogue. Also, i hit the 1600 view mark on my 5th month here!<3
In addition, i applied for Adsense twice and got approved on the 2nd time.:) when i first started i never imagined this day~

Okay enough rambling, i will start my review on Wan He Lou:) They have been
advertising a lot in the papers and i was attracted to their Lobster porridge. I used to patronize the one located at ITE College East but they moved out and i have not been able to find another place to satisfy my lobster porridge fix. ( although another nice place to find similar porridge is at Pulau Ubin First Stop at Changi Village, they let you customize your own porridge with either fish, crab or prawns, really delicious!!
Interior is modern and cosy.

Fresh oysters from France but it was nothing special . Except that there was this Thai inspired sauce by the side that was the bomb! It was spicy, sour and tangy. Must try!

Kurobuta pork that was super tender and this is my first time trying kurobuta in such a way. Interesting but a  tad salty

Lotus root chips with salted egg.  This was special and makes me think of the Kurobuta pork at JB Ah Meng which has similar chips minus the saltiness. However, this is still something special and definitely try it out for yourself!

Vegetable ( which i forgot the name but it was really thin and nice) This is their signature so do ask for it.

Lobster porridge~

You can choose the number of lobsters in your porridge and we chose 1 because we were trying out other dishes. It would be good to choose 2 lobsters if you want to just try the porridge. The porridge was tasty and make me think a bit about how it was so sweet with just one lobster. The broth definitely did have MSG and Wan Le Hou's dishes were definetely on the salty end. The porridge did not impress me though as compared to Ubin First Stop( urgh craving for some porridge now) The porridge here was kinda plain and meanwhile on Ubin's side they still had a side of seaweed,ginger,chilli and spring onions( which may seem not significant but it is actually is)

Fish with a thai inspired sauce. The sauce was described by the service staff as spicy and supposed to have a gingery kick but to me , it just tasted heavily of ginger. ( we requested it to be separated as we were afraid it would be too spicy for my sister) It was not spicy at all! The fish was super fresh though. Such a pity as it would taste better if they followed Soup Restaurant's way of adding more spring onions and garlic. It seems the problem here is that its the little details that they seem to lack.
Overall the food here has no impact and i doubt i will be back. They have potential though but they just lack that touch and miss out on small details that make a big difference.
Rating: 3/5
Address: 65 Maude Rd, 208347
Phone:6294 8057
okay i have another post coming up soon so do look out for it !

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