{2015}Review of BaaMee- Thai Style Wanton Noodles in Singapore!

hello my dears:)

Today i am going to review BaaMee- Thai Style Wanton Noodles in Singapore which i believe have been featured in Sunday Time awhile back!

Thai Milk Tea which costs 2.20 which my mum felt was a little pricey( i agree, i would top up a few more cents for my Gongcha XD) It was a little thin compared to where i worked part time previously hehe ( i used to mix the drinks ):) here they use white sugar which results into bits of sugar when you drink:(

Rice for 60c

pictured behind is the Kaa Moo which is like our Kuay Chap which epicly, i had for breakfast before coming down here( at the place i recommended the previous time:)))http://comeontheroadwithme.blogspot.sg/2015/01/best-kuay-chap-in-singaporee.html

Wanton soup which was okayy? The wantons were not like the one i had in bangkok,sadly... i really liked the peppery soup in Bangkok also...:(

wanton mee which was okay? I liked the wanton mee i had opposite Berkeley Hotel(i did a review on that too:) The noodles there were really paper thin and really good.

Tom yam version which was tangy but after that it just loses its appeal:(

The owner was super friendly and taught us how to eat it like a boss. nope joking, it was like the Thais hahhah but my dad commented it was like fine dining service in a foodcourt... hahahhh* reminds myself of my current part time job in a fine dining place* okay im rambling:) Overall, it is okay but i doubt i would return,sadly....

Address:45 Syed Alwi, Singapore 11am - 9pm daily

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