{2015} Review of Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine冶春小江南!

 hello lovelies im here today with double updates:)

So heres my review on Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine小江南 which my family was keen to try out!
Interior which really makes me feel  like i am dining in China.

Homemade soya milk which i felt was kinda factory made...:/

Watercress with honey. Nothing special.. the taste was not heavy and it tasted like chestnuts instead..?

口水鸡. This is slight spicy and served cold. Not bad but i remember trying it somewhere where it had more sauce and was spicier. If you remember my previous posts, i love my chilli.

小笼包. This is really good. The meat is tender and the juice is really good. The skin is thin too. I would say it is on par with Paradise Dynasty's.

韭菜饼This is so crispy and delicious. Worth a try! Impressed with this!


the waitress helped us debone it too. It is okay. My parents felt that it was like canned meat but it is definetely more tender and less salty. The skin is soft also.

鸡汤拉面. Their noodles are really huge in portions and 2 can easily share it. Also the noodles are made on the spot and very chewy and Q. Nicer than the one i love at Gao Ji:)

Onion Lamian. We were blown away by it. This may seem plain on the first bite it is so fragrant and totally worth trying!!!

yangzhou fried rice this is super fragrant and has wok hei:)

This is 剁椒鱼 and this is our only disappointment here. The fish was not spicy and did not leave up to my expectations:( i would try the other one that they have the next time:(

Rating :4.5/5
Address:Marina Square Mall , #02-181/182
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel : 63334038


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