{2015} Review of Enoch's European Food and Wine!

hello lovelies:)

I am here with a new review woohoo!

the ambiance is rather nice

Pork Cheek Linguine which is highly recommended by the server. I found the pork rather tender but i found the portion overwhelming( too much carbs? ahhha) It was very heavy also. But i would say it is nothing special about this pasta. Tasted like what i would get on a Singapore Air flight.(yes i had better pasta served to me on a SIA flight.)

Duck confit. This is a regular at all French dining restaurants and i think this is rather average. It passes but it is normal.

Pork belly. The pork belly is very tender and may be one of the most memorable dish here for me. However it was abit on the oily side for me.

Seafood risotto. It was alright but it wasn't like the one i had when i visited London. Argh the memories.This was on the starchy side and very cheesy.

Scrambled egg with truffle oil. The bread was good but i felt that truffle oil with eggs was kinda of a waste? hmm maybe it is just me?

mushroom cappuccino. this is just like regular mushroom soup with foam on top like cappuccino? yup it is quite creative.

french onion soup. This is on the sweet side and it had a lingering taste of soy sauce?. It is a taste of its own, i am sure.

escargot. the escargot is really chewy here but i would prefer it with garlic instead of tomatoes.

this is the complimentary starter of duck. Not bad but a little salty.

sorry for the low quality pictures:( my sister couldn't find the right filter with the lighting there:(

Rating: 2.5/5 ( compared to my regular favourite french restaurant Vis-A-Vis!)
Address:95 East Coast Road


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