{2015} BKK Cheap Places To Shop : Indra Regent Morning Market + MBK + Siam Square + Big C Supercentre + Platinum Mall

hello loveliess,,
okay here's my post on day2 of my bangkok adventures focusing mainly on shopping yes:)

Morning Market outside Indra Regent Hotel
this morning market opens from 4am to 830am BKK time... so best is to go early i went at 7 on the first day and earlier on the second day
from berkeley hotel you walk straight pass d pallidium and cross the bridge. walk straight down and you will see watsons. U can turn in before watsons or after. We went to the one before watsons on the first day and they had more unique clothes compared to the one at the back( it is a round.) it is right outside Indra Regent Hotel if you stay somewhere far away. The ones at the back are worth checking out too. Plus! if u buy clothes here you will never go around buying anything else elsewhere, the prices here never go above 200 and range from 100-150~ish buy 3 and you will get the wholesale price. There are more locals than foreigners here so its nice place. Go early as they will close around 8 BKK time. So wake up and go shop and then go back to have breakfast. Do bring a big carrier or luggage as you will end up buying too many things( me:)) this is the place to shoppppp

this is the front section. walk a full round and you will find yourself at the same place so no worries:)

Platinum Mall

MBK and Siam Square are two famed places to shop but i feel that MbK is not worth going anymore sigh.. it used to be a place to get my shoes but not any more. I got many shoes at chatuchak for 150baht at Chatuchak near the famed chicken noodle soup stall and at Platinum Mall Section 1 i believe the tower that is less packed and the shops are more spaced out.. Platinum Mall has two towers so the one more packed has more deals there. I got my shoes at the less crowded one though. Also Platinum Mall is thronged with people and you can get anything there. I got my formal shirt there too. Buy in bulk to get discounts. When buying a brooch i got a 50baht discount because if you buy 2 and above theres a discount and there were HK tourists that wanted to buy one too so if language is your thing~ i recommend you check both towers out. The one with more deals has a food court on the top. Also i love the sailor theme when it comes to my fashion so there are 2 shops i believe that sells them love love love however, they are the most expensive out of my entire stash (sigh) but what to do? I love the nautical theme..
How to walk from Berkeley : Just cross the road and turn right. You will see this grey building and you are there. If you dont find it , get a local or anyone:)

Siam Square

Siam Square is also worth checking out if you have time but i recommend you just head for the morning market or Platinum Mall. You will probably get whatever you are looking for in these two places. Plus, the pieces are more expensive here.

Big C Supercentre

this is what you wanna go heheh check out their supermarket for super cheap deals.. check our their hair products and you will probably see others grabbing them off the shelves. Also check out the eyelash curler they carry, its really good. Its white and blue:)also, their food is really cheap just get the 1.5 liter sprite and refill over the days:) also their polki and pretz and what not you will know what to get when you see people snatching it like mad. Also , many get their Ajinomoto MSG tom yum flavor in bulk so if you are interested... i'm allergic to MSG so its  a pass.

Also check out their salon at the floor same as MK right beside the escalators. i have gone to them 2 years before and nothing has changed. HIGHLY recommended for those who wanna a cheap and yet good cut. Also they blow and dry for reasonable prices and my hair is awesome after them. I feel they wash my hair better than i do get it done in Malaysia. So this is the place to go if you wanna go to a reasonable salon in Bangkok^^


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