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I'm back with Part 5 of my Graduation Trip series. I know its late but i just wanted to finish it up :)
The previous part with Busan- Fukuoka is here!
Our flight was at 5.55pm and we flew with Air Busan BX 144, flight time was around 1 hour!. Service was fine and fuss free! The locals preferred taking the ferry to the Fukuoka as there was no need to check in 2 hours early? We paid around $150 for both ways which i personally thought was a good deal! Luggage limit was 30kg. There are many timings for this flight route and we chose the latest one considering our Japan Airbnb check in time and the fact we wanted to explore more of Busan in the morning!
Foreigner declaration card which the air stewardess thought we were Japanese (started speaking to us in Japanese and my friend responded we were not)Then she thought we were Koreans where she gave us the Korean foreign card and i responded back that we were not Korean/Japanese/Chinese in Korean and she finally got the message, had to go to the storage to get the English form gosh!!!
Landed in Fukuoka and everything in the airport were written in Korean ( signs etc) .Airport staff were also speaking to us in Korean. My friend laughed at me saying I thought i could relax in Japan but nope, I was still on translation duty haha. It was only till the custom officers saw our passports that they laughed at themselves speaking to Singaporean in Korean!
From the airport to City center ( Hakata Station), it was only a 20 minute ride ( Fukuoka's airport is the top of the list in terms of distance from city center)where you could purchase tickets at the information counter unless you had enough coins to use the vending machine? I believe it was 260 yen.
In the Kyushu region, you board the bus by the back door and alight at the front! The airport bus was really punctual and had space for luggage, no worries there!
We arrived soon enough at Hakata station and the Airbnb advertised themselves as mins away from the station.err without the luggage we had or if Google Maps gave us better direction, then we would reach in 5mins! We arrived 30mins later, so do get the Japanese address from your host!

 Kumamoto Region brochures in Korean, no surprise here
 Our Airbnb, it was really for two people to stay and after we laid out the futons, there was no space for luggage/ table to eat supper. Think I felt the feeling of staying in a overcrowded one room flat
They had a tub but hot water "renews" at 12mn so you had to priotizie your us

We strolled to the nearby Nakasu( Red Light District) which had many open air food stalls.

Reminded me of Clarke Quay?
Inside the stall, I recall being really happy that I was off translation duty~
Locals aplenty~~~
Ramen~ ( 600yen)
I remember walking to Canal City to check out the stalls that they had ( They had everything!!! and we dropped by a supermarket near our place to see what offerings they had) They usually have sales on sashimi,bread ,bentos at around 9/10pm with discounts starting at 20% and going up to 50%. That was where I got my main ( and only) taste of sashimi in Japan.

So this concludes the Korea part of my trip ( for now and Japan would be continued in the next post!))


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