Graduation Budget Trip 2017 {17 days of Korea + Japan } ❤️ Part 4 Gwangju - Busan

Hi lovelies,

I'm back with Part 4 of my Graduation Trip series

This part is continued from this post~

Continuing from the train ride from Gwangju to Bujeon station~, we took around 2 hours to reach central Busan.We asked the Airbnb host for the best way to get to Busan and she said it was much more convenient doing it this way as KTX stations tend to be far away from city centers!

Our Airbnb. Our host was so nice! He drove us from Gaya Metro Station to his house which is just a 10min walk away. He was super nice. Hes a super host on Airbnb. We were so lucky to find his place.Orignally we thought his family lived in this house together with the guests but he said his own house was another nearby apartment. Something you might wanna consider when booking AirBnb is that whether the host ,especially males are living together.( For my mum's peace of mind actually) For us , being 2 young girls, we read the reviews carefully and if any review said it was unsafe / dark at night we avoided that place totally..

Kitchen area.

Our room. We originally booked the 2 people double decker bed but this bigger room was available so he gave it to us to stay :) so nice. There was some other guests in the house but we did not see them during our entire stay :O

Bad picture but this was our original room. The toilet is outside this room

Our room had a attached toilet :) and a desk for us to eat and drink together with a mini fridge~~

Seomyeon Market which our host recommended we try his favourite Dwaeji Gukbap ( Pork Stew with Rice)

They have a inner market and a food street~ Its the center of the subway line so its quite convenient to get to.

Inside the market

This is the shop!! It was pretty easy to find , it was along the outside alley of the inner market we came by.


Our bowls of the original , most basic Dwaeji Gukbap ( 5500 won). They have more variations like intestine or what not.

It was warm and comforting from the cold! I didn't eat any other famous gukbaps but i got to say it was good! My friend and I ate till the last drop~ I just trusted the locals!


Outside the restaurant with boiling pots of soup!!

Pojang Macha~

From there, we made our way to Gamcheon Culture Village.

It was super fun and we had fun taking so many pictures.

Cherry Blossoms at the Village, they were the first blossoms i saw on the trip <3

Looks nice but i had to place my hands into a small hole of fence and use the viewfinder to shoot this lol #forthegram

Next, we headed to Jalgachi Market~ There is a bus from the Village heading there directly.

My friend wasnt keen on the weird seafood ( that was rather pricey also) and we settled for a small restaurant eating eel soup. We had a great convo with the owner about Singapore lol ( she was a ahjumma and she was saying Singapore is too stressful and had too high living standards)

We took the subway back from there.

On the way back to the Airbnb we stopped by a local mart to buy some alcohol and snacks to eat ahah

Look at how cheap Soju is gosh

We got our Airbnb host to order fried chicken for us. ( my friend actually cos she did not want eat to seafood lol)

The alcohol we chose. We were deciding between this and chrysanthemum wine. This is 14% so we thought nothing of it. It tasted sweet and fruity ( it has hawthorn inside) but it was much stronger than we expected haha. It was like white wine with a hint of sake aftertaste? I highly recommend it for the girls who cant take soju ( aka me and my friend). I have always wanted to try it ever since i saw Victoria on WGM declaring it as her favourite alcohol! I really enjoyed chatting with my friend while drinking alcohol... we were pondering seriously about life lol

Our host prepared breakfast for us ( Yubu Chobap and fruit and i was stuffed gosh!) And we headed to

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (해동 용궁사)

The views were really pretty!

We had Nuts Hoddeok ( a speciality of Busan at the entrance of the temple as we are still rather full from breakfast although there is a Jajangmyeon place at the main entrance of the temple that was famous)

It was good tho:)

From Busan, we planned to fly to Fukuoka. It was a 45min flight only. We took the train to the airport ( relatively nearby to our Airbnb). The journey to the temple by train and bus took quite awhile so do allocate time to get there.

We got to the airport by taking the subway to Sasang Station ( Metro Line 2) and connecting to the Busan Gimhae Light Rail Transit.

Hence we were off to Japan~ This concludes my trip in Korea ( for the moment), after Japan we flew back to Seoul. Hope that this blog post is informational and do keep a lookout for my next post~


missmika <3

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