{2016} Bangkok Trip ( Berkeley Hotel Review, SabX2 Thai Wanton Noodles)

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It has been a long break ne~ During CNY 2016, i made my annual trip to Bangkok and as ever, the city had something to treat us to.
We arrived by SQ and headed over to Big C to wash our hair at our trusty salon. As it was the night before the eve of CNY, there were a few locals there doing their hair and one girl had a digital perm and it turned out stunning.
We went down to supermarket on the 2nd floor to grab the favourities and they was a whole array of goods that the Chinese people favoured lined up ready for grabs. Examples include Snail White cream ( which turned out to be not gross but really moisturizing), Elephant brand oil, ele sleeping mask( purple) and variants of the inhaler that is used for relieving stuffy nose. MAMA instant noodles are ready in boxes for easy carrying back home together with cuttlefish,seaweed etc. I love tom yam flavoured pretz~

 Berkeley Hotel ( click here to read 2015's more detailed version)
We chose the Luxury as there is no need to transfer like last year and we got the 29 storey~

Platinum Mall from the room. Hence , its really super near.

The hairdressers on the top floor of Big C Mall

We went to grab dinner at KaiTon Chicken Rice cos we missed it last year cos it was closed from 1st day of CNY to the 5th day.

Its a directly opp the hotel and u walk down the green shirt chicken rice ( which had a queue sometimes too)

Bittergourd Soup which we ordered, it was really good with the bittergourd flavour. Worth a try

Thai Milk Tea which was so fragrant and thick<3

Tadaahh. The rice was abit sticky and it was fragrant and not overly oily.

Thai Papaya Salad ( drools cos its so good)

Their namecard

Walk towards the direction of Big C to get my fix of Pad Thai and Egg Omelette

As usual so good:)

The one at Chatuchak still wins no matter what. This was from the night market outside Isetan and it was full of sugar.

See this disaster? abX2 Thai Wanton Noodles was closed on 30 of CNY which is weird cos normally people close on 1st day of CNY. We went back on 10th which was 3rd day based on the info from the opposite souvenir soup ( which sells the Snail White Cream cheaper than the ones at Big C supermarket) The queue for the noodles at 845 in the morning was crazy. i think there were at least 30 people infront of us and it was relatively dangerous cos cars were going in 2 directions in  this small lane.We had to keep moving to avoid being hit by the cars.The noodles were great and the pig trotters even better but is the queue worth it? I say nahh. How to get there from Berkeley Hotel is crossing the bridge at D Palladium and walking straight down till u see Macdonalds . Before Macdonalds, turn in and you will see the long queue. A point to note  is that everyone queueing is either Singaporean or Hongkonger.

Walking back from Wanton Noodles made us crave for our favourite Banana Chocolate Crepe

Gel Nails i did at a roadside stall when u walk at the night market downstairs at the hotel. the massage parlour beside the nail shop has a great foot massage too

One point that was crazy was the weather. It was freezing in the morning when i went to the morning market and had to buy hot coffee to warm my body up~ it hit 18degrees ( what was i doing in shorts and a tee?) Even at Chatuchak i didnt sweat at all and it was a little chilly at times ( global warming what are you)

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{2016} Bangkok Trip ( Berkeley Hotel Review, SabX2 Thai Wanton Noodles) 
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