{2015}Review of Tae Woo Korean Restaurant~

hello lovelies,

Today i am going to review Tae Woo Korean Restaurant which my mum heard good reviews from her colleague who tried it out~ I know i have not been updating regularly cos i have another writer's block and am currently going through a hard time in my life.(sighs)

Anyway to cut the unnecessary talk short.

Banchan~ Kimchi here can only be refilled thrice. Its super refreshing and packs a kick with its spice. Very authentic.
Jajangmyeon. Well the iconic noodles that have you drooling while you watch your favourite K- variety show. This is defeintely not the type you see on screen. This is legit homestyle black bean noodles that are not salty or oily. Rather, the black bean paste here is sweet and savory and somewhat justifies its price(nope, i cant believe something costs $5-6 would cost $18 here) Not saying its not worthy of its price but its really the closest thing you would get other than buying that ticket to Seoul.

Tangsuyuk ( Sweet and Sour Pork) Well, this was crispy and yet so tender on the inside. Served steamy hot with the viscous sauce coated on every piece.Together with pieces of cucumber and black fungus~ I would have to say the batter is awesome! Its really difficult to have such a thin batter but yet so crispy~Loved it!
Fried Mandu. Crispy and piping hot~, makes a nice side dish~

Jjampong ( Seafood Noodles with Spicy Broth) Not very spicy but with a slight tang.

Jjamjamyeon ( Half black bean noodles, half jjampong noodles) Best of both worlds yum yum~~

Totally not on the cheap side but oh so good.
Located in: Clarke Quay Central
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-84 Clarke Quay Central, 059817
Phone:6224 8284
Opening Hours: Closed every first Tuesday of the Month
11am-11pm daily. 


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