{2015} Review of Eastern and Northern Dumpling Restaurant东北风味馅饼饺子馆 @ East Coast

hello lovelies,

Today i am back from a hiatus with a review of Eastern and Northern Dumpling Restaurant东北风味馅饼饺子馆 at East Coast.

Menu. The variety here is quite good and the prices are value for money. The shop was filled with China natives so i guessed that it was pretty authentic.

Appetizer of pork collagen in marinade served cold. The waitress here ( shes the boss, she speaks fluent english and her english made me doubt that she was not Singaporean.)As you can see their portions are really big and this was actually really good!!! MUST TRY!

Century Egg with Tofu. This is also cold and appetizing too.

Guotie with Pork filling.Crispy and juicy on the inside! Tastes like the ones i used to buy in bulk from a PRC couple in Simei.

Fish in Chilli Oil. I have a confession to make, i am a fan of anything spicy so i was so excited. Had this at paradise and sometimes its not done right where the spices tastes Indian and the meat gives out this gamey smell of lamb or mutton when its fish. This was extremely fragrant and had vermicelli. The fish was super soft and as there was the oil to keep the dish hot, it was hot till the end. It was not spicy though just very fragrant.

Sour and spicy soup. All i had to say is if there's something you need to order in this restaurant, it has to be this. This is different from some restaurants where it is plain salty or sour with loads of starch.This had so much flavour with tomatoes and is seriously addictive. Must try.

Boiled dumplings. Nothing special but definitely homemade.

Bittergourd with egg. It was not bad and i think its a great choice for vegetables.

Dessert of Red Bean pancake. This was piping hot and the red bean paste was not overbearingly sweet.

Overall, this restaurant transports me back to China again and the flavours here are definitely authentic Chinese. The atmosphere here too , except for a few tables, everyone else were Chinese nationals and i was thinking if i was in China for a moment or two. Would go back when i am craving for Chinese dumplings..( salivating while writing this post LOL)

Rating: 4/5
Address: 220 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428917
Phone:6344 7002

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